Welcomes All
Updated: 04.01.2017

This is a place
- where you can meet and worship with people of all ages and backgrounds as well as enjoy a range of activities;

- which helps give adults and children an appreciation of the dimensions of life and the values by which to live;

- which has a contemporary understanding of the Christian faith and a non-literal understanding of scriptures;

- which provides a caring and supportive community which tries to take seriously that we are all loved by God and directed by Jesus to love one another.

Wembley Downs Uniting Church - A place for radical Worship and a place for Radicals to Worship

Worship at Wembley Downs is multi-faceted. The first Sunday in the month is dedicated to diversity. On the second Sunday, we seek simplicity. On the third Sunday we have our Liturgical Service. On the fourth Sunday we push the envelope and go beyond the boundaries.

The word "Radical" is derived from the Latin word for "root". On this fourth Sunday, we return to the root of our faith and seek to re-narrate it for our day and generation. We run the risk of irrelevancy if we look back and speak of a world that has gone.


Our congregation seeks to be a community of Christian people who:-

follow the way of Jesus, allowing his gospel to inform how they lead their lives in a changing world

welcome all, regardless of race, age, or gender

join together regularly in worship and activities which enable them to live out God`s love in the world

recognise that every person is unique and encourage all to share their wisdom and gifts

affirm, support, nurture and accompany each other on their spiritual journeys

are committed to living out their faith by serving wherever called

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130 Calais Road, (crnr of Minibah Street)
Wembley Downs, Western Australia.
Phone 08 9245 2882

Ten kilometres northwest of Perth city centre,
set amongst the suburbs of City Beach, Churchlands,
Scarborough, Wembley Downs and Woodlands

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