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  • Come away and rest awhile (Karen Sloan) 19.7.2009
    Readings: Mark 6:30-34 and 53-56; Ephesians 2:11-22 I love the first part of the reading from Mark. Jesus tells his disciples to `come away to a deserted place by yourselves and rest a while. For many were coming and going and they had no le ... read more

  • Faithfulness and Generosity (Karen Sloan) 28.6.2009
    Readings: 2 Samuel 21: 1-14; Corinthians 8:7-15; Mark 5: 21-43 As some of you might know, Matt and I are doing some renovations. Now it has been a real eye opener, as we have not embarked on anything like this in all our 18 years of marriag ... read more

  • A Love that Calms a Storm (Karen Sloan) 21.6.2009
    Reading: Mark 4: 35-41 A storm, and a boat, and a powerful message on how to get to the other side. In this case the other side was a land of gentiles, a land full of different people and customs and beliefs. Jesus stilled the storm, and allo ... read more

  • Unity (Karen Sloan) 24.5.2009
    Readings: John 17: 6-19; 1John 5: 9-13 Today, in this sermon, I want to talk about unity. Not a unity where everyone believes the same thing but a unity that combines who we are biologically with our spiritual connections. One in which all t ... read more

  • The Timeless Shepherd (Rev David Robinson) 3.5.2009
    Readings 1 John 3:16-24; John 10: 11-18 There is an old story about a student minister who was sent to a small country village to preach a trial sermon. He did so and then decided to take a week off from his studies and have a holiday in that ... read more

  • Science and Theology (Karen Sloan) 14.4.2009
    Reading: John 20:19-31 I am doing a unit at Murdoch this semester focussing on science and theology. It has been extremely interesting, particularly to see how the relationship between the two has developed over time, and in response to moder ... read more

  • The foolishness of God (Jim Malcolm) 5.4.2009
    Readings: Zechariah 9:9-10; 1 Corinthians 1:18-25; Mark 11:1-11 `God’s foolishness is wiser than human wisdom, and God’s weakness is stronger than human strength.` Those words from First Corinthians struck me five weeks ago when they were par ... read more

  • What is the key to it all? (Revd Gemmel Sherwood) 29.3.2009
    Readings: Jeremiah 31: 27-34; John 12:20-33 Barack Obama said in 2004: ‘There is not a black America and a white America and a Latino America. There’s a United States of America.’ It was a signature statement. He had his name written on ... read more

  • John 3:16 (Revd Neville Watson) 22.3.2009
    Reading: John 3:16 The words we have just heard constitute for me some of the most important words in the bible – but not in the way they are usually presented and interpreted. They way they are usually presented is that all we have to do ... read more

  • The Call to Non Violence (Karen Sloan) 8.3.2009
    After Neville`s call to see Grand Torino as part of our Lenten devotions, I would just like to ask, by a show of hands, how many people have seen the movie. The last time I gave a service I focussed on the movies, and what movies can tell us about ... read more

  • Who sez? (Jim Malcolm) 1.2.2009
    Readings: Deuteronomy 18:15-20; 1Corinthians 8:1-13; Mark 1:21-28 The last couple of months haven’t been a good time for me. At the beginning of December I contracted a bout of the shingles, and it has taught me a lot. I used to think that ch ... read more

  • Follow Jesus (Terry Quinn) 25.1.2009
    Readings: Jonah 3:1-5; Mark 1:14-20 These are two readings which both have an important story to tell us and I`d like to talk briefly about each one. The Jonah story • Reminds us that we all struggle to understand the God we follow ... read more

  • Christmas Simplified (Revd David Robinson) 4.1.2009
    Readings John 1:1-14; Ephesians 1:3-14 1. I wonder what sort of Christmas celebrations there would be if we only had the two Gospels instead of 4? I’m thinking of having Mark and John only. It would certainly mean that most if not all of ... read more

  • What do we celebrate? (Revd Neville Watson) 25.12.2008
    Christmas is the central time for celebration within our community Celebration is what Christmas is about. All normal activities cease on Christmas Eve and are on hold in the week following Christmas day. It is the major gift giving time of the year ... read more

  • Sustainable Living (Kirsten Lambert) 14.12.2008
    Reading: Isaiah 61:1-7 Today’s bible reading from Isaiah is one of my favourites and it’s obviously one of Jesus’ too because it’s the one he is reported to have read aloud in the synagogue. It’s about the Messiah, the servant of God who has ... read more

  • The Hope of Advent (Karen Sloan) 7.12.2008
    Readings: Isaiah 40:1-11; 2 Peter 3:8-15a; Mark 1:1-8 As I said at the beginning of the service, I have just finished reading the autobiography of Dr Chris O`Brien. For those of you who don`t watch RPA on telly, he is one of this country`s l ... read more

  • The Menu is not the Meal (Revd Neville Watson) 23.11.2008
    Experiencing God In our quest for a contemporary faith I have spoken about God and I have spoken about Jesus. I have suggested that we should cease using language and metaphors of the first century. Expressions like 'heavenly father' may have been ... read more

  • Talents - A 60 Second Sermon (Revd Neville Watson) 16.11.2008
    The Parable of the Talents is perhaps the most misunderstood parable of all. To read it as an endorsement of establishment economics and present day hedge funds is to miss the point completely. The third guy is a whistle blower. He spells out hi ... read more

  • Being Fully Alive (Revd Neville Watson) 26.10.2008
    Last month I was speaking about God. Today I will be speaking about Jesus. But before I do this let me remind you of the story line so far. My concern in this series of sermons is that we should update our language of God, that in speaking about God ... read more

  • The Two Big Stories (Terry Quinn) 5.10.2008
    Readings: Psalm 33; James 2:14-26; Mark 14:22-31 We’re in a storm, we’re going to get wet but we won’t sink. Malcolm Turnbull. This week we have read and heard much about the financial crisis. The market economy is going through its passi ... read more

  • Speaking of God (Revd Neville Watson) 28.9.2008
    The question 'Do you believe in God?' has an obvious and simple answer: 'It depends what you mean by the word God.' If you mean a superhuman being sitting in heaven controlling the weather and determining whether I shall go to heaven or hell, then I ... read more

  • How many times? (Cynthia Brown) 14.9.2008
    Matthew 18:21-35; Romans 14:1-12 Hamas Leader`s son renounces Islam. Did you see that headline in the paper a couple of weeks ago? Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of one of the founders of Hamas, arrived in the United States 18 months ago and converted t ... read more

  • If God is love . . . (Jim Malcolm) 7.9.2008
    Readings: Exodus 12:1-14; Romans 13:8-14; Matthew 18:15-20; Psalm 149 When I first looked at the readings set for today I was challenged. `How can I make sense of this lot?` I asked myself. So I called for reinforcements. A group of friends was gath ... read more

  • Best Ever Speeches (Karen Sloan) 31.8.2008
    The ABC some months ago ran a competition to determine the best ever speeches. The speeches could come from any era and have been given either here or overseas. It is not surprising really that the one voted the greatest speech ever was delivered by ... read more

  • Who do you say I am? (Revd Neville Watson) 24.8.2008
    Readings: Exodus 3:1-15; Matthew 16:13-20 The Burning Bush In the Old Testament (Exodus 3) is found that superb story of Moses looking after sheep near Mt Horeb when he notices a bush which, although burning, is not consumed. The sy ... read more

  • Not a Bad Day (Revd Neville Watson) 17.8.2008
    Reading: Matthew 15:21-28 Some have suggested that Jesus was having a bad day. We all have bad days. Some of us even have bad Sundays. It is an interesting thought but I doubt if this is what this passage is about. It is rather a graphic unforgett ... read more

  • Exclusion and Embrace (Elaine Ledgerwood) 3.8.2008
    Matthew 14:13-21 I was recently reading Miroslav Volf’s Exclusion and Embrace, the Preface of which starts: After I finished my lecture Professor Jurgen Motlmann stood up and asked one of his typical questions, both concrete and penetrati ... read more

  • Home Thoughts from Abroad (Revd Neville Watson) 27.7.2008
    I have entitled this morning’s sermon 'Home Thoughts from Abroad'. It is not intended to be a travelogue – although there will of necessity be a recounting of our travels. What I would like to do is to share with you some of the theological insights ... read more

  • Standard Operating Procedure (Kirsten Lambert) 13.7.2008
    Romans 8:1-11 is one of those passages that is almost too well known. I find really difficult to read because I just tune out. As someone once said of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, it is ‘full of quotations’. Liturgies and prayers and thousands of ser ... read more

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