Wembley Downs Uniting Church
(October 8, 2017)

Third Sunday Liturgy

On the third Sunday of each month, we follow a set Liturgy which includes readings by
various members of the congregation and culminates in Communion.

Please note: This month we are having the set liturgy on the second Sunday, October 8, as the third Sunday will be at the church camp at Landsdale.

THREE D - Doubt, Dialogue and Discussion

Following the liturgy (and after a cup of coffee or tea) you are welcome to join a time of informal dialogue and discussion.

The discussion may follow on from the day`s sermon and/or set readings, or it may be decided by the participants.

130 Calais Road, (crnr of Minibah Street)
Wembley Downs, Western Australia.
Phone 08 9245 2882

Ten kilometres northwest of Perth city centre,
set amongst the suburbs of City Beach, Churchlands,
Scarborough, Wembley Downs and Woodlands