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What do we regard as a miracle? (Karen Sloan) 15.6.2008
Reading: Matthew 9:34-10:8
Just what do we regard as a miracle?

Is it when a community seeks out and engages someone lonely and isolated with love and compassion?

Is it when a mother forgives the drunk driver who killed her beloved daughter, expressing concern for his family and for him.

Is it when people give up careers and possessions and family to help in places where getting food and water is difficult, because of drought or civil war?

Is it when governments say sorry to a part of their population mistreated and marginalised for hundreds of years and attempt, albeit slowly, to address some of the hurts and abuses of the past?

Is it when nations fight to provide aid and resources to those most in need after a terrible disaster, even when a country`s own government is obstructive and corrupt?

Is it when young people begin to question the materialism of their generation and seek meaningful ways to help those around them?

Is it when those suffering from grief or illness or despair are held and comforted by those they know and by many they do not know?

Or is it when people, regardless of their own safety speak out against injustice, protecting those suffering persecution while at the same time risking their own life?

These are all miracles. These are miracles found in our day and our time. Miracles that reflect the kingdom of God breaking into our world and transforming it. A kingdom based on justice and mercy, compassion and love.

In the reading from Matthew Jesus sends his disciples out into the world to be his agents, to heal, raise the dead, cleanse lepers and cast out demons. Today we are his agents, he sends us. Jesus was expecting his disciples to be like him, incredibly radical, turning every expectation, every rule and every social norm upside down with his love. This is what he expects of us. We also need to be radically different from the norms of our day. We are his agents of transformation today, his miracles now.

But it is scary and requires a great deal of trust. Like the first disciples we need to trust in the God of our faith who works through us to change the world. Trust that no matter how frustrating or impossible it seems, a new reality will dawn.

This is the message from Jesus to his disciples, and to us.

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