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We Have a Dream Too
(by Cyntax  2/10/2017)

We Have a Dream Too

Have you been reading Karen`s blogs??
If not, here`s a little taste of what you`ve been missing:

(The book I`ve been reading this week) is really a gift. It is called The Art of Stillness, Adventures in Going Nowhere by Pico Iyer . . . a travel writer, who has travelled the world for about 40 years in search of stories and experiences. But he has discovered that our best most fruitful travel is done when we stay home. When we find stillness in the course of our days and when we explore our inner world instead of just rushing from one event or job to another. When we stop, even for a little while.

Pico uses as his starting point a conversation he had with Leonard Cohen, who he calls later in the book, `a 70 year old Zen master` . . . `Going nowhere . . . is the grand adventure that makes sense of everywhere else. It isn`t about turning your back on the world, it`s about stepping away now and then so that you can see the world more clearly and love it more deeply.`

I love that. We are a part of the universe, part of the stars and planets, and part of nature, yet we act as though we are just flying by, and that the rest of the natural order is just here for our own amusement. Where is the awe and wonder that ignites our imagination and equally our care?

In fact, I think that awe and wonder is lost in our busyness.

Sitting still, not doing anything, seems a good place to start to change these crazy dynamics, to take a breather. To remove the clutter and distraction of our hyper active lives. To leave space for other possibilities to enter. To listen.

But Pico doesn`t suggest we sit still for hours, but instead find some way to cultivate a period of stillness into our everyday lives.

. . we could just sit quietly for 30 minutes every morning

Or we could if we desire a bit more direction, take up meditation, or yoga

Or take regular walks in nature, so that our connection to the whole of creation seems more real, more tangible.

`In an age of speed I begin to think nothing could be more invigorating than going slow.

In an age of distraction nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention.

In an age of constant movement nothing is more urgent than sitting still.`

Read the full story. Just Google - wehaveadreamtoo and be further rewarded by Leonard Cohen`s song `That`s how the light gets in`.

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