Wembley Downs Uniting Church
Church Camp 2015 - Landsdale Farm School
(by Cynthia and Dorothy  10/30/2015)

23-25 October 2015
What a way to spend a spring weekend! The brave ones arrived late Friday afternoon and set themselves up in the cabins, enjoyed a delicious meal and had lots of fun in the evening, while others got there in time for devotions, breakfast or the first `session` at 9am on Saturday. So much was fitted into one day - two thought-provoking times, so well introduced and led by Karen, of sharing personal stories, helping us to understand ourselves and God, an `Amazing Race` (which I believe Jodi, Karen and Kerry dreamed up earlier in the year while they were on the Cape-to-Cape walk), circle dancing, current affairs and painting in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the children had a great time with games on the oval, trampolining, playing on the swings and making their own pizzas for lunch. Of course, food featured prominently in the weekend, with David doing his magic in the kitchen, aided by some willing helpers.

Late in the afternoon, the campfire came to life and toasted marshmallows were the order of the day. Then followed another delicious meal, after which many of us `oldies` decided we needed to call it a day! However, others stayed for some singing round the fire with David on the keyboard and the new song book put together by Jodi. Dorothy says there were plenty of spiralling smoke signals saying `all is well`.

What was this `Amazing Race` I hear you say? In reality, it was a huge intergenerational Treasure Hunt, combined with some creative activities and quiz questions. What an inspired idea - giving adults the opportunity to interrelate to the kids and vice versa. The very first clue was `Find Neville`. Not Watson. Neville - which happened to be a gnome in the garden! Very challenging. This was a piece of brilliant thinking on the part of the organisers, even if it left the participating adults somewhat the worse for wear!

Sunday morning saw a congregation of about 45 people sitting under the trees for an inspirational service led by Karen and Jess with some recorded music and other fav hymns led by Jim and his guitar.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Lyn suggested a group photo and the weekend finished with morning tea and later a sausage sizzle.

[Plaudits and loads of thanks for all the people involved in bringing this occasion to fruition - you must have been exhausted by the end of the weekend. We say `thank you - it was wonderful`.

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