Wembley Downs Uniting Church
Life in all its Fullness
(by Revd Neville Watson  12/23/2019)


As I lie in bed after awakening, I often find myself mulling over the question of `What is of real significance as far as life is concerned? The answer, I have concluded, is deceptively simple. It is life itself!

Philosophy is the consideration of the issues of life, what it means to be alive. It presupposes life - as does almost all our thinking. Behind it all, however, lies a prior consideration: life itself! Paul Tillich recognised this and coined the phrase `the ground of our being` - the phenomenon of life itself. I love that word `phenomenon`. I once heard it defined as `when a tile falls off a tin roof!`

The point I seek to make is that Tim Rice was super perceptive when he has Mary Magdalene singing `What's it all about?`

Another way of putting it is `To be or not to be?`It really is the question! And it is why I rarely use the word `God` today. I prefer the phrase `Spirit of Life` and I marvel at the perspicacity of the Jews who spoke of God as `the breath of life` and used the imagery of life beginning for us when we take our first breath and finishing when we take our last breath. The gospel writers came close to it when they have Jesus saying at Golgotha `It is finished!` Bowing his head, he gave up his Spirit. And history became his story.

`Life`is what Jesus was on about, life in all its fullness. Life is stlll evolving! John 10:10 `I am about fullness of life.`

The tragedy is that most of us simply don`t get it. The dominant motif of life for most is `Eat, drink and be happy for tomorrow we die`. The importance of `life in all its fullness` remains unfulfilled.

In Jesus of Nazareth is found a new way of living. The early Christians were known as `People of The Way`. And Sunday by Sunday, this is what we celebrate. A new way of life.

Let me sum it up in one sentence: `In Jesus of Nazareth, I see how to live life to the full`.

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