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Mowanjum HiAce Project
(by Marie Yuncken  9/9/2017)

The latest project of the Boab Network has been to buy a second-hand Toyota HiAce Commuter bus for the Pre-primary school at Mowanjum. Thank you to all the donors who made this possible. The bus Gail Cresswell has been driving was in bad repair.

The new bus has been driven up this week by Lee-Anne and Duncan Burnett. John Tyrrell has had a few repairs done on it and others have been filling the bus with things to be transported up north.

Richard Smith was in discussions with WA Department of Housing last week regarding funding arrangements for the community when they offered him 35 second-hand laptops! These have been cleaned and packed off. Greg Wilson in Mowanjum will install software so that they can be provided at low cost to the locals.

Also on board were car seats, a stroller, and goods for the Op-shop as well as activity materials for the up-coming October school holiday program.

The main use of the new bus is for Gail to collect the children for school each morning. This has meant that her attendance rates have been very high, in fact better than the pre-primary class in Derby. World Vision is just starting a new 0 to 3 Early Parenting and Children`s program in Mowanjum with federal grant money. They will also use the bus to collect families for the group. In school holidays the bus will be available for the Boab Network volunteers to transport children to activities in town. So it will be a very useful addition to community life in Mowanjum.

The old bus is being retained by Mowanjum Council to enable them to enforce a new 8pm curfew for children. Children will be picked up and taken home to get sleep for school next day - another good outcome.

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