Wembley Downs Uniting Church
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  • Worship in February/March (1/3/2019) - February 17: Douglas Lambert preaching (Third Sunday Liturgy with Communion) February 24: Dr Richard Smith March 3: Jim Malcolm March 10: Revd Marion Millin March 17: Karen Sloan (Third Sunday Liturgy with Communion) March 24: Pastor Karen Sloan Mar . . . Click to read more

  • 2018
  • Visitors from Papua (9/2/2018) - Arriving at church on Sunday 19 August, we were interested to find a bus parked outside. Ross Gobby from Floreat had brought us a happy and friendly group of Papuans, who were visiting under the Mowanjum banner. It was wonderful to have them sharing . . . Click to read more

  • Our Easter Journey at Wembley Downs 2018 (4/5/2018) - We are indebted to a wonderful team of people who have, once again, helped us to experience the Easter story with challenging insights into traditional understandings while affirming our faith and encouraging us to continue on the Jesus Way. Beginni . . . Click to read more

  • 2017
  • Mowanjum HiAce Project (9/9/2017) - The latest project of the Boab Network has been to buy a second-hand Toyota HiAce Commuter bus for the Pre-primary school at Mowanjum. Thank you to all the donors who made this possible. The bus Gail Cresswell has been driving was in bad repair. The . . . Click to read more

  • God's Justice on Earth (8/30/2017) - Reading: Matthew 14:13-20 The Feeding of the Five Thousand establishes two divergent solutions to the hunger situation the people faced - then and now. The solution from the disciples is: `Send the crowds away so that they may go into the villages an . . . Click to read more

  • We Have a Dream Too (2/10/2017) - We Have a Dream Too Have you been reading Karen`s blogs?? If not, here`s a little taste of what you`ve been missing: (The book I`ve been reading this week) is really a gift. It is called The Art of Stillness, Adventures in Going Nowhere by Pic . . . Click to read more

  • 2016
  • Thank You (4/3/2016) - Thank you to Karen, Marion and Neville . . . . . . for once again gifting us through the Easter season with services which were so thought-provoking and evocative - with music, imagery, symbols and words. It has been said before, but we are truly . . . Click to read more

  • All are welcome at my table - A reflection on CPE (3/1/2016) - All are welcome at my table - A reflection on CPE I have just finished a 10-week CPE course. This when translated is a clinical pastoral education course, or translated again, a chaplaincy course. It entails a lot of reflecting both of myself and ot . . . Click to read more

  • 2015
  • Combined Churches Annual Christmas Service (12/6/2015) - There was a very happy gathering of folk from six local churches here on the evening of Wednesday, 2 December. As hosts, the Worship Committee selected the theme: Jesus Then, Jesus Now - What does the Christmas Story say to us today? It was clear tha . . . Click to read more

  • Church Camp 2015 - Landsdale Farm School (10/30/2015) - 23-25 October 2015 What a way to spend a spring weekend! The brave ones arrived late Friday afternoon and set themselves up in the cabins, enjoyed a delicious meal and had lots of fun in the evening, while others got there in time for devotions, brea . . . Click to read more

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130 Calais Road, (crnr of Minibah Street)
Wembley Downs, Western Australia.
Phone 08 9245 2882

Ten kilometres northwest of Perth city centre,
set amongst the suburbs of City Beach, Churchlands,
Scarborough, Wembley Downs and Woodlands