Wembley Downs Uniting Church

Worship in February/March
(by Cyntax 2/21/2020)

February 23: James Malcolm

February 26: Combined Ash Wednesday service at Wembley Downs Church of Christ, Revd Paul Montague leading. 7.30pm

March 1: Pastor Karen Sloan
March 8: Revd Cathie Lambert
March 15: Pastor Karen Sloan: Third Sunday Liturgy with Communion
March 22: Revd Brian Thorpe
March 29: We welcome our friends from Wembley Downs Church of Christ
for a combined service - Pastor Karen Sloan leading; Revd Paul Montague preaching.

On the second ...Click to read more

What is Prayer?
(by Pastor Karen Sloan 1/17/2020)

What is Prayer?

Prayer for me has always been a yearning, a cry from the heart, a silence in which we might hear the sound of the wind or the feel of love and sense of knowing. A blessing for the things we see that are beautiful and breathing and astounding, or a lament of things too sad, too unspeakable to accept or contemplate.Prayer is something about awareness, deep awareness, of our gifts and our limitations, of our thanks and our wishes and hopes that things would be different. P ...Click to read more

Life in all its Fullness
(by Revd Neville Watson 12/23/2019)


As I lie in bed after awakening, I often find myself mulling over the question of `What is of real significance as far as life is concerned? The answer, I have concluded, is deceptively simple. It is life itself!

Philosophy is the consideration of the issues of life, what it means to be alive. It presupposes life - as does almost all our thinking. Behind it all, however, lies a prior consideration: life itself! Paul Tillich recognised this ...Click to read more

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130 Calais Road, (crnr of Minibah Street)
Wembley Downs, Western Australia.
Phone 08 9245 2882

Ten kilometres northwest of Perth city centre,
set amongst the suburbs of City Beach, Churchlands,
Scarborough, Wembley Downs and Woodlands